BISE Bahawalpur Board History

BISE Bahawalpur Board Bahawalpur

The government of the Punjab separated the Bahawalpur division from the Multan. It is separated in 1977. It is permitted the sanction of BISE Bahawalpur as a separate unbiased educational board.

The camp workplace of Bahawalpur board has become hooked in Multan 9th July 1977.  The consent of the workforce of the multan board for Bahawalpur board was known as for.
The third February 1978 the BISE Bahawalpur board starts functioning in Bahawalpur in a hired building. The middle of 1978 the entirety of workforce the primary examination of supplementary 1978 modified into held.

BISE Bahawalpur Board

BISE Bahawalpur Board’s establishment

Since 1979, BISE Bahawalpur Board shifts to a design of Daulat Khana later. The revenue Board allotted approximately 23 Acre plot of land to Bahawalpur Board.
The Board according to its economic way built the boundary wall. A limited workplace constructing and the Board becomes shift to this campus in 1985.

BISE Bahawalpur Board Establishment

BISE Bahawalpur Board New Building

As a result of the growing quantity of applicants and need. A new building for the Board was built in 1989. The development of the brand new building became began in September 1991. It is built in 18 months with the fee of almost 25 million rupees.
The office of Board became shifted to the newly built building in March 1993. The best constructing became precise for sports, Hostel and Warehouse.

The History of Bahawalpur City

Bahawalpur city is located in the southeastern Punjab province, Pakistan. Bahawalpur is 889 km from Karachi.
Saraiki is the nearby language of the location. Punjabi and Urdu also spoke here.
At the begin have become a liegeman of the Sikh empire built through maharajah Ranjeet Singh. In 1936 Bahawalpur stops paying tribute and brazenly declared independence. In the anglo, Sikh wars Bahawalpur supported the British and warranty its survival.

Nawab of Bahawalpur with Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali jinnah

The founder of the state of Bahawalpur became nawab Bahawal khan abbasi 1. The abbasi own family ruled over us of a for extra than two hundred years (1748 to 1954). At some point of the rule of thumb of the last Nawab Sir SadiqMuhammad khan, Abbasi V. Bahawalpur state was merged with Pakistan.

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