BISE Sargodha Board – Board of Intermediate and Matric

BISE Sargodha Board – Board of Intermediate and Matric

BISE Sargodha Board 

BISE Sargodha Board

BISE Sargodha Board 

The board of Sargodha becomes recognized in 1968 underneath the west Pakistan board of intermediate & secondary schooling. It began its features in unique rented buildings in the satellite city, Sargodha. It shifts inside the current campus in 1975.

BISE Sargodha Board currently placed on Near 49-Tail, Faisalabad Road, Sargodha. The BISE Sargodha bifurcat and a separate Board (BISE Rawalpindi) establish for the civil division of Rawalpindi.

The main purpose of Sargodha board is to provide facility to students. SRG board based upon chairman and employees which are under Chairman.

Powers and Duties of the Chairman

BISE Sargodha Board

The Chairman shall exercise control over the Office of the Board. The staff properly perform the duties entrusted to them.

  • Write confidential reports on the paintings of officials and employees of the rank of superintendent and above.
  • Appointment of supervisory, evaluative and other academic group of workers or committees, worried with the conduct of examinations.
Powers and duties of the Secretary       
  • The secretary shall, subject to the control of the chairman be in fee of the educational and administrative region of a board’s workplace and reason.
  • The secretary shall take all possible steps to make sure that the budget of a board are spent on the cause for which they’re supplied.
  • The secretary shall purpose to be organized and publish to a board for approval the once a year announcement of debts and budget estimates.
  • While getting ready the schedule, the secretary shall carry out the directions of the chairman given in this appreciate and no item.
  • the secretary shall file the mins and keep the data of the complaints of the board and the committees.
  • All fees and dues payable to the board, and all sums received by using the secretary shall be credited without delay to the account of the board inside the government treasury or a bank accredited through the board.
  • The secretary shall perform such different responsibilities as can be assigned to him through the chairman.
  • The board may additionally assign to every other officer or officials such obligations of the secretary as it may dee


Duties and Powers of the Controller of Examinations

The Controller of Examinations shall subject to the control of the Chairman, be in charge of the examination sector of the Board.

  • Make preparations for the conduct of all examinations of the board.
  • Conduct professional correspondence of the board referring to the examinations
  • Carry out such different obligations as may be assigned to him through the chairman on occasion.
Strategies Sargodha board  



Team of Sargodha Board 

Phone Off:- 048-3250047, 048-3250048 ,Phone Res:- 048-3250045,Fax:- 048-3750553
Email:- [email protected]
Qualification M.A (Economics)
Name: – Mrs. FARAH ZAHID
Phone Off1:- 048-3250051
Phone Off2:- 048-3250052
Email:- [email protected]
Qualification: – M.A (Urdu)
Controller of Examinations
Phone Off 1:- 048-3250070
Email:- [email protected]
Qualification: – M.A (political science), M.ED

Future Plans
  • Record Management System
  • Awards Feeding On Marking Centers
  • File Tracking System

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